"The earth is what we all have in common"

-Wendell Berry


Overcoming difficulties

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on ecotourism globally, and many wildlife conservation foundations depend on these activities to be financially sustainable.

This pushed us to find new ways to expand our reach to the public to educate about the dangers animal species face due to human action. In the same way, we seek new means of funding our wildlife conservation projects.

We are mainly focusing our resources on the following wildlife conservation projects

Asian Elephant
Andean Bear
Amazon River Dolphin

Play a part in the solution

There are simple ways how you can support the cause, they are all equally valuable to build a better future for all:

– Support eco-tourism when traveling on vacation

– Stay informed about the main problems affecting wildlife in the world

– Spread the word to others to create awareness

– Take a step further and do volunteer work at a foundation

– Donate to help fund conservation projects


The artisan initiative

We were thinking about how we can continue to expand and at the same time support the local communities where we work, and an idea came up: local artisans making Teral handmade items for our supporters.

This way you receive a beautifully crafted article that represents your support to wildlife protection, at the same time, it creates jobs and a source of income for rural communities and supports their cultural traditions.

Our partners