About Us

“Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”: The Brundtland Report.

Our mission is to make up for the damage wildlife has suffered due to practices like poaching, animal trafficking, deforestation, and environmental contamination.

We believe that it is always possible to find an equilibrium where humans and wildlife can coexist in harmony. The only way to achieve it is by adopting a sustainable development approach and by eradicating practices that are unnecessary for human subsistence.

In order to support the wildlife protection objectives, we engage in the following activities:

Species like elephants, tigers, monkeys, among others, are removed from their habitats and used by men, either for labor, entertainment or just kept as pets. Sometimes in order to tame a wild animal, it is taken away from the mother when it is still a baby. When these animals are rescued, they need to go through a process of physical and mental rehabilitation that takes place in facilities specialized in this purpose.

The supply of food for rescued animals is a crucial operation because it cannot stop. Sometimes the feeding is what demands the biggest portion of the resources, depending on the size of the animal, for instance, an adult elephant can eat between 200 to 600 pounds every day. In other cases, certain species eat nothing but specific types of plants, which implies a harder process of gathering food.

Nursing comprises all the medical equipment and veterinary practices performed by a staff of professionals in animal care. Tasks such as medical check-ups, wound treatment, application of vaccines, disease treatment, prenatal care, and surgery, are required on a daily basis at the facilities.

Knowledge must be shared, and the only way to attain the objective is if most of the people join the cause and somehow participate in the solution. We are committed to spreading the knowledge by all the means we can, so more and more people learn about the importance of wildlife protection and hopefully our message will be inspirational enough to put words into action.

We support wildlife research and the valuable job scientists and biologists make in the field to study, learn and understand animal habits and the habitats they interact with. Some of the studies are performed with the use of GPS tracking devices on animals to examine their movements and interaction with the environment, other studies include lab test to evaluate feeding patterns and health condition, scientists also study the increase and decrease of an animal population.

We collect funds from different sources to maintain the activities previously mentioned, in some cases private companies and governmental entities provide us with direct assistance, but we also fund our own projects through donations and the sale of merchandise. If you wish to donate or purchase our products, please click on the links below, we highly appreciate your kind support.