Amazon River Dolphin

Believe it or not, there are dolphins that live in freshwater, how amazing is that! you can find them in the Amazon river, they are also called pink dolphins as when they reach adulthood, half of the body turns pink. Everyone has heard at some point about the destruction of the Amazon forest, well, the river dolphins together with other wildlife species are going through the same path.

The number of Amazon river dolphins is estimated at 9.000. The main threads are the fishermen who hunt them illegally to use them as fish bait. Mining activity is contaminating the rivers, especially with mercury, widely used in gold mining. Boat traffic also represents a big problem, as boats hit them with the propeller when dolphins come to the surface to breathe, which they do every 30 seconds.

We have partnered with a non-profit organization in Brazil to support the protection of the Amazon river dolphin and educate about the importance of the preservation of the dolphin and the Amazon forest. We also work in the development of eco-tourism in the area where communities and dolphins coexist, as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to make a living.