Andean Bear

The Andean bear, also known as Spectacled bear, named for the markings around the eyes, is the only bear species in Latin America, living almost entirely in the Andes mountains. In Colombia and Peru, it is considered a national symbol, nevertheless, it is classified as Vulnerable in the UICN Red List.

Due to the loss of habitat, the contact between bears and farmers is becoming more frequent, some farmers see them as a threat to their livestock and end up killing them, in spite of the fact that the Andean bear is among the least dangerous bear species. Lack of knowledge is, in fact, the main problem the Andean bear faces, people know so little about them that they fear them without reason.

The number of Andean bears left is estimated at 10.000. We have partnered with a non-profit organization in Colombia to study the bear movements using GPS tracking collars, this data is used to define actions in habitat protection, poaching prevention, and education about the Andean bear.