Asian Elephant

This magnificent animal is the second largest land mammal on earth, only surpassed in size by the African elephant. There are around 50.000 elephants left in Asia, they are now in the IUCN Red List, classified as Endangered. Only during the last three generations, the number has dropped by half.

Elephants are losing their habitat due to the expansion of industrial activity and rural settlements. Poaching represents one of the biggest threats, as their tusks are traded in the black market at high prices. Also, baby elephants are trafficked to be sold for entertainment purposes or to be trained to work in logging.

We have partnered with a non-profit organization to support the care, protection, rescue, and rehabilitation of elephants in Thailand, in this country the close relationship between humans and elephants dates from centuries ago, and many Thai communities depend on elephants to make a living, though it is difficult to eliminate some ancestral practices, we are working for a change towards eco-tourism as an answer that can benefit both the elephants and the communities.